We’re on the road in Sweden, play three gigs in three different cities in just four days and as if that wasn’t enough, we also come up with the idea to shoot another video in between. Sometimes the location provides the idea. This cabin on a boat in the Stockholm harbor literally screamed for it. The cell of a mental hospital could hardly look more expansive. So we simply had to use it.

Some more footage

So you shovel yourself a few hours between motorway, sound check and gig in the evening, do without restful sleep and shoot some more footage. The whole thing will then be edited as an official video for the song »Addiction Called Last Night«. A song that will also be on our upcoming album »Blacklist«.
The album will be available from late November (CD) or early December (stream). Anyone who has rocked with us in the last few days knows what we’re talking about. There will be 16 songs on the album then and if »Blacklist« is as well received as the songs on our gigs, we can look forward to a gloomy future …