Love us or hate us, but folks – it’s just a week… Next friday we’ll start our great release marathon. First – of course – there is the music. So our album »Blacklist« will be out as a limited edition cd on November 22nd. 14 songs on the cd which is two songs less than on the full streaming album coming December 6th. The two missing songs can be explained simply by the fact that a CD has only 78 minutes of running time but our full length album is almost 90 minutes. For better or worse we had to say goodbye to two songs for the CD. It was not easy for us, but what has to be done must be done. So there will be two versions of »Blacklist«. The [Dark Limited Edition] on CD – strictly limited and with 14 songs and an approx. running time of 78 minutes. And the [Black Edition] full length album – only available as download or stream. But for everyone and not limited.

Two or three videos coming

Also on Friday we will release a first song and video from our album. It’s called »Great« and yes, man, it also is! The video will be a lyrics video and is available on YouTube. One week later we will release the video for »Addiction Called Last Night«. This will be the first official video from the »Blacklist« album. Shot on location in Stockholm/Sweden during our short tour in October it’s the only pre-release video of the album. Later there will be at least one more video coming.

Premiere on Friday

In order to make the anticipation for the video of »Addiction Called Last Night« soaring, we already have a few first pictures from the video here on the page. The premiere will be on November 22, 2019 at 7:30 p.m. on YouTube. Just [follow the link] to be one of the first to see the video.