It is this one moment. The moment to finally let go. The moment of release. You always know it will come. And yet you repress certainty as best you can. You can think about it when the time comes. One remembers the time when the baby was born. A simple, simple idea and you realize: there could be more to it. Then certainty. Yes, man, that’s good. Good work.

Like a child

And so you start to raise the baby. You can tell that it is growing, growing out of children’s boots and that it will eventually be big enough to be released into the wide world. You work on it all for more than two years. And then your only son is leaving the house. Old enough to live his own life. Old enough to survive the future. The album is released. The key is letting go. Nothing works now. The arrow is on its way. You can’t stop him. The rest of the action is no longer in your own hands.

The arrow is on its way

Today we shot the arrow in the form of [Blacklist]. The music is out. We have done our best. Now it’s up to you. May the arrow of music hit your heart and we will give you a few good hours with our 16 songs. If so let us know. We really appreciate every single word.

Out now: [Blacklist]