Two weeks after the release of [Blacklist], we have another video for you on Thursday evening. World premiere of the official F ****** A ****** video will be on our channel on YouTube. It starts at 9:30 p.m.

The question of all questions

The question of all questions remains: Who is the F ****** A ******? Scratch your head and touch your own nose – and if you think long enough, you may have an idea. When was the last time you were an asshole? And when was the last time you got so upset about someone you only thought: Such a fucking asshole! So we are going in circles. Sometimes you’re the asshole, sometimes it’s someone else. We reap what we sow. So let’s keep our hands on our own nose for some more seconds. Who is the asshole himself, magically attracts other assholes. And if you can do without assholes well, then maybe just start with yourself – and refrain from being an asshole yourself.

First pictures

See first pictures of the video in our gallery. You’re welcome and to open the pics in the lightbox, just click on it. The premiere you will find by clicking on this link: