[Blacklist – Dark Limited Edition] Hoodie Bundle


Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Release Date: November 22, 2019
Catalog: EAN 4061707250860
Label: traumaweb Records




Get [Blacklist – Dark Limited Edition] on cd and usb-stick.

On the stick is also our first album »November 31st« as digital mp3-data. All our music in one bundle and on top you the official [Blacklist] Hoodie.

All songs written and arranged by [PTSD]. All lyrics written by P. Samuel Disorder. Produced by P. Samuel Disorder and [PTSD]. Mixed by P. Samuel Disorder and Annkathrin Blume. Mastered by Anneke Wunderlich. Engineered by Thomas Bendert. Assisted by Patrick Reimann. Digital Editing by Emma Welsh. Quality Control by John Kirtley and Moritz Braun. Photography by Oliver Joos. Assisted by Sandra Leitl. Booklet Design by Oliver Messenberg. Published by traumaweb. Blacklist was recorded and mastered at Pirate Studios, Berlin/Germany. All rights reserved.

[PTSD] are Kai Ronnenberg, Kerstin Luebbers, P. Samuel Disorder, Lisa Jerusalem, Jon Brade, Fred Matthews and Mauro Beretti

[Blacklist – Dark Limited Edition] is available only on cd and as the name already says: It’s strictly limited. Each copy has its own certified copy number. The Dark Limited Edition is not available in any shop or store – you can order it here on our page exclusively.

[Blacklist – Dark Edition Limited] comes with a 20-page booklet and a download code for your mobile devices.

01. Psychopath (04.20)
02. Going to Die (04.36)
03. A Friend Never Alive (03.49)
04. Dancing in the Rain (08.04)
05. F****** A****** (03.56)
06. Wicked Lady (05.35)
07. Torture And Brainwash (04.28)
08. Great (04.42)
09. Addiction Called Last Night (05.01)
10. Illuminated Tragedy (05.36)
11. First Day on Earth (06.25)
12. Blacklist (05.12)
13. Kill Your Dreams (03.52)
14. Thin Line (13.30)